Date to be Announced - Stay tuned!

Livestream from the Livingroom
Monday, January 18, 7:00

We will be doing our next Livestream from the Livingroom in 2 weeks. (18 January. MLK Day) 2 weeks, because 2 new songs just came through the ethers to us! We need to learn them and then we’ll be ready to sing all of the songs we are recording for the new CD. So we hope you’ll join us then! Stay well, and Happy 2021!

APRIL 26, 2020 - Annual benefit for the Skiathos street cats
Sunday: Live Stream @ the Wild Eye Pub
535 Mill Street, Grass Valley, CA

We will be doing a livestream concert from the Corona Quarentine Zone
at the Wild Eye Pub on Sunday April 26 from 5 to 7 PM PST. #WildEyePub

This will be an inconvenient time for most of our friends abroad, but you can see it at the next day. I think. This is our annual benefit for the Stray cats of Skiathos (and perhaps a wee bit for ourselves since we’ve no work). Since we won’t be able to travel to Skiathos for awhile, we will designate 90% of all proceeds (via PayPal or directly to us, however that can be managed) to be sent directly to be used for buying food for the cats on Skiathos who are in dire need right now, and who have a bleak future looming since there will be no tavernas, tourists or hotels to help keep them fed through the season. The volunteer angels distributing food is it. We hope to get there later in the year - and we will again be asking for donations for medicines we always carry with us for them. I just sent £150 (about $192 or €175) of donations already offered, and the cats are purring wildly for those of you who’ve already so kindly donated.More will go to them as donations come in, at about £150 at a time. Stay well, tune in on the 26, reach deep for the kitties, wash your hands and love one another! We’ll get through this. We Love You. Meow. E and P #WildEyePub.